Non-Invasive Stain Removal

Microabrasion is a minimally-invasive teeth-whitening technique used by Dr. Aro to remove white, yellow, and brown spots, stains, and discolorations on your teeth. During mircoabrasion, an instrument that works like a tiny sandblaster emits a fine stream of particles aimed at the micro layers of the tooth surface. Since only the micro layers are removed, the rest of the tooth’s structure, including the enamel, is left unharmed. The microabrasion particles are made of a hydrochloric acid and pumice mixture and are propelled toward the tooth surface through a dental handpiece. Depending on how deep the stain or spot goes, removing the tooth stain may take one to two treatments.

While a difference is sometimes noticeable immediately, full results of microabrasion are best seen a few days after the treatment, as the hydrochloric acid continues to whiten the stains even after the treatment is complete.

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